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 Scaffolding Systems Inc. 616-538-8081 
2819 28th St. S.W Grand Rapids, Michigan 49519
East Side Of Michigan

Scaffolding Inc.
135 McNichols Rd E, Detroit, MI 48203
(313) 883-1800

Rent / Lawn & Garden Tools                    Rent /Home Repair Tools
Rototillers, Lawn Edger, Sod Cutter, Aerator                      Pressure Washer, Insulation Blower,Bobcat,
Post Hole Digger, Bed Edger, Power Rake,                       Trencher,Scaffold, Tile Saws, Ladder, Hammer
Wood Chipper, Lawn Roller, Slit Seeder, Leaf Blower          Drill, Concrete Saw, Wheel Barrow

Rent / Floor Care & Water Removal         Rent / Construction Equipment
Dehumidifier, Carpet Dryer, Floor Sander, Edge                  Bobcat, Excavator, Trencher, Equipment Trailer,
Sander, Floor Polisher, Floor Grinder, Tile Stripper,              Soil Compactor, Block Saw, Concrete Floor Saw,
Carpet Stripper, Jamb Saw, Carpet Tools, Knee Kicker       Gas Cutoff Saw, Pumps, Backhoe, Bull Floats
​                                                                    Mini Skid Steer
Rent / Plumbing Equipment                      Party Rental / Bounce House
Sewer Auger power & manual 25'-100', Pex Tools,            8 ft Banquet Table, Card Table, 5 ft Round Table,
Pipe die, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Vise, Rigid Tools​                      White Chair, Brown Chair, Graduation Ideas,
​Soil Pipe CuttersPipe Thawers, Pumps, Hoses                 Wedding Tables and Chairs, Bounce House

Rent Automotive Tools                              Rent / Emergency Water Removal
Motor Hoist, Chain Fall, Engine Stand,                          Dehumidifiers, Carpet Dryers, Flood Repair Tools,
​Pullers, Tools, Car Dolly, Car Trailer                               Pumps, Ozone Machine, Capet Extractor, Rug 
Air Compressors (Tow- Able), Air Hose  

Rent / Trailers                                              Rent / Concrete Tools     
Equipment Trailer, Car Trailer, Covered                               Concrete Saw, Chipping Hammer, Jack Hammer
Trailer, Utility Trailer, Enclosed trailers                                  Tow-able Air Compressor, Concrete Grinder
​Dump Trailers

Do-It-Yourself Ready Mix 
(Concrete to Go)