Air Tank   
Arc welder Gas Dc - towable
Mig welder  (electric 110)
Battery Charger   
Bear Split Sm. & Lg.
Cam Tool   
Clutch Tool   
Engine Sling   
Engine Stand   
Ball joint Fork
Pitman Fork
Tie Rod Fork
Axle Puller 
Brake-drum Puller 
Harmonic balance Puller
Lock plate Puller
Pilot Bearing  Puller
Pitman  Puller
Power Steering Wheel Puller
Steering Wheel Puller
2-Leg  & 3 - Leg Puller 
Socket ½  
Spindle Nut Socket   
Spring Valve  
Torque Wrench Ft. & Inc.
​Welding face shield
Body grinder 4”  
Body grinder 7”  
Knock down motor hoist  
Towable motor hoist  
Floor Jack  
Jack Stand  
Transmission jack  
Car polisher
Chain Hoist 1/2 Ton 
Chain hoist 1 Ton
Chain Hoist 3 Ton​
Hydraulic Jacks  

Excavators (6ft, 8ft.)
Mini Skid Loader with bucket or forks
Mini Skid Phd. Auger attachment
Mini Skid Phd. Auger 9", 12" 18" available
Bobcat w/ bucket - Trailer included
Bobcat Forks
Bobcat Phd. Auger Attachment
Bobcat Phd. Auger 9" 12" 18"
Bobcat Snow Bucket
Trencher Sm. walk behind. 5" x 2'
Trencher Lg. ride on. 6" x 4'
Vibratory plow (undergound wire/sprinkling)
Stump Grinders
Wood Chippers

​Misc Construction
Air Compressor 100 cfm - 185 cfm.
Extension Cord 50' - 100'   
Fish Tape 100   
Floor Grinder (concrete) 
Generator 3500   
Laser Level   
Laser Rotary Level
Survey Level  
Transit Level  
Lg. & Med. Rotary Hammer   
Electric Mortar Mixer   
Soil Compactor
Mortar Mixer 
Coring Drill

Home Heater (Propane, fire place style, non-electric)
Oil Heater 70,000 BTU  - 150,000 BTU
Propane Heater Radiant    
Propane Heater 35,000 - 350,000 BTU 

8ft Banquet Table
5ft Round tables 
Bounce House   
Coffee Peculator 55 cup     
Brown Plastic Chair  
White Plastic Chair   
Coat Rack
Card Table   
Cooler 5 gallon  
Cooler Tub  
42" Drum Fan
Patio Heater

Large Dehumidifier   
Turbo Dryer   
Indoor Baker Scaffold
Outdoor Waco Scaffold  
Ozone machine (smoke odor removal)
Heat Gun
Insulation Blower
Insulation Vacuum 
Water Extractor
Pressure Washer Gas 2700 psi   
Pressure Washer Gas 3000 psi   
Pressure Washer Gas 4000 psi   
Extension Wand  18ft
Wallpaper Steamer  
Stucco Sprayer   
Stucco Gun

Air Hose 3/8   
Air Tee 3/8   
Framing Air Nailer     
Bar Clamp 32   
Belt Sander   
Aluminum Brake 8`   
Aluminum Brake 10`   
Door Kit   
Right Angle Drill ¼”   
Electric Drill ½”    
Magnetic Drill ¾ 
Circular Saw 7”  
Jamb Saw  
Jig Saw  
Compound Miter Saw  
Finish Nailer (pneumatic)
T - Square   
Nail Puller  
Orbital Sander  
Palm Sander
Porta-Band Saw  
Sawzall (Electric & Battery)
Formica Router  
Wood Router
Toe Kick Saw​
​Jack Drywall 10`  
Large Drywall Jack 13' 
Drywall Screw gun  

​Moving & Misc.
Appliance Dolly   
Four caster dolly   
Box Dolly
Drum Dolly 
Piano Dolly   
Furniture Pads   
Jack Pallet   
Jack Screw   
Piano Skid   
Ramp 10'
Ramp 14`   
Ratchet straps    
Suction Cups
Band Tools  
Bike Rack 1"  
Bike Rack 2" 
Cargo Hitch Rack

Electric carpet Tacker 
Heat Seamer  
Carpet trimmers Jute / Rubber back
Underlayment stapler
Knee Kicker  
Wall to Wall carpet stretcher
Carpet Tractor (seam smoother)
Rug Doctor
Carpet Removal Stripper
Laminate Floor Cutter (up to 5/8")
Floor Sander's & Sanding Edger's
Tile Saws
Hardwood Floor nailer
U-Rent-It / Scaffolding Systems Inc.
2819 28th St SW
Grand Rapids MI 49519

Car Dollies
Car / Truck Trailer
5x10 Covered Trailer
6x12 Covered Trailer
7X14 Covered Trailer   
5x8 Utility Trailer
5x10 Utility Trailer
8x10 Flat Trailer
8x12 Flat Trailer
Equipment Trailer 
​Dump Trailers
Equipment Trailer

Air Scaler   
Concrete Buggy   (Georgia Buggy, manual)
BullFloats (pole)
Finish Trowels (pole)
Chipping Hammer   
Rotary Hammer Drills (Sm. up to 5/8". Lg. up to 2")
Chute 12` - 16'   
Concrete Trailer   
Coring drill (1-1/2"- 2-1/2"- 3"- 4"- 5")
Concrete hand tools, Edgers - Groovers - Trowels -Floats  
Electric jack Hammer   
Floor Grinder (Edco) 
Groover Long handled   
Concrete kuma-long   
Concrete mixer small electric   
Gas Concrete Mixer    4 cu. ft.
Air Hammer 60 lb. 
Air hammer 90 lb.
Towable diesel Compressor 100-185 CFM    
Concrete bit 1/4" - 2"  
Brick Tongs  
Block Saw w/diamond blade
Concrete Floor Saw   
Cutoff Saw 14”   
Cutoff Saw 16”   
Sledge 8   
Power Trowel 36”   

Blower Motor (for blowing pool lines) 
Garden Hose   
Fire hose 2”   
Fire hose 3”   
Jet Attachment   
Centrifugal pump  2" & 3"
Large Submersible pump  2" hose       
Small Submersible   (garden hose)

Lawn & Garden
Back Pack leaf blower  
Bed Edger gas  
Brush Hog (walk-behind - self propelled
Mini Skid Loader 
Wood Chipper   
Landscape Rake   
Lawn Edger   
Stick Lawn Edger
Leaf Blowers (walk behind)   
Log Splitter 5 hp 30 + HP    
Mower 22”    (with or without bag)
Post hole 1 person  6" or 8" auger
Post hole 2 Man hole digger   
PHD Auger 4"
PHD Auger 6"  
PHD Auger 8"  
PHD Auger 12" 
Manual post hole digger  (clam or twist)
Post Driver   
Power Aerator   
Power Rake     
Landscape Rake   
Hand lawn roller    250 lbs. when filled
Towable Lawn Roller 600 lbs when filled
Electric chain saw   
Chain saw 18” gas   
Chain saw 20” gas   
Pole Saw (manual, Gas, Electric)   
Slit seeder   
Sod Cutter's (gas powered)   
Stump Grinder   
Hand Tamper   
Rototiller 4 hp   
Rototiller 5 hp   
Rototiller Rear tine   
Tiny Tiller    10"
Electric Hedge trimmer   
Gas Hedge trimmer   
Weed Whip trimmer   (Blade or String) 
Snow Rake removal shovel

Airless Paint Sprayer
Compressors (Gas & Electric)
Floor Sander   
Floor Sanding Edger    
Hardwood floor Nailer
Roof Hoist   
Cable Hoists / Duct hoist
Telescoping cable hoist   
Insulation Blower
Insulation Vacuum​
Hole saws (1" - 4-3/4")
Step Ladder 10`   
Step Ladder 12`   
Extension Ladder 24`   
Extension Ladder 32`   
Extension Ladder 40`   
Ladder Jacks  
Aluminum Plank 16`   
Aluminum Plank 20`   
Aluminum Plank 24`   
Roof Jacks   
Roof Nailer   
Shingle Hoist (Ladder, forks, gas powered)
Driveway Magnet (walk behind)
Metal Chop saw   
Shingle Rake   
Underlayment Stapler   
Laminate Floor Cutter (up to 5/8")  
Floor Nailer   
Floor Scrubber 13” - 17" - 20"
Floor Burnisher 20" 
Linoleum Roller 100 Lb. - 125 Lb.  
Shop Vacuum  
Electric Tile Saw   
Tile Nipper   
Score & Break Tile Cutter
Floor Stripper machine (carpet, Linoleum, vct removal) 
Manual floor stripper  
Johnson bar 
Parking Lot Line Painter
Soil Compactors

Basin Wrench  
50’ Drain Cable  
Chain Wrench  
Closet Auger  
Pipe Die ¼” - 2"
Pipe Die handles  
Pipe cutter 2” & 4" (black pipe)
Pipe Reamer  
Pipe Thawer  
Pipe Vise manual  
Pipe Wrench 24`  
Pipe Wrench 36`  
Power pipe threader - Ridgid 
Power sewer Cable 50` - 100'  
Sewer tape 50` - 100'  
Sink Auger 25' (manual)
Power Sink Auger 25' 
Soil pipe Cutter (cast iron)
​Tube Bender 
Roofing Torch
Conduit Bender 1/2", 3/4", 1"