Our high-tech concrete blending system can produce up to 15 yards of ready-mixed concrete per hour. Using your tow vehicle, take one of our Redi-haul-carts. You may haul as little as ¼ yard up to 1 yard at a time within a 30-minute drive from our location. Back up to your forms, and using the built-in hydraulic jack, place concrete right where you need it. This is a great labor-saver even on short hauls and is especially worth considering if you are planning to wheelbarrow the concrete from the trailer to your form.

No more back-breaking bags of sack concrete! Most people don't realize that mixing just one yard of concrete by hand in a wheelbarrow or a small mixer requires OVER 40 bags of sack concrete! Folks, life is too short for that kind of labor, when you can have the finished product for less money than the cost of the sack concrete.

Our concrete is made with premium-quality Type 1-A bulk Portland cement and a premixed sand and 5/8" pea gravel aggregate. The blending system injects a chemical compound into the mixing chamber that retards setup for about 2 hours. This chemical compound also includes an air-entraining agent that traps air bubbles in the mix, increasing travel time by helping to slow the natural settling of the rock during the towing process. The prices shown are for a 5-bag mix, which will produce a concrete which if properly placed and finished, is more than adequate for patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc. We can easily increase the cement content at an additional cost; some customers request a 6-bag mix for additional strength or wet area applications. 

We recommend at least a ½ ton pickup for towing; a receiver hitch rated for 5000 pounds with a 2" ball is excellent, as a trailer with a full load (1 yard) weighs over 4,700 lbs. Maximum towing speed is 45 mph due to the weight involved. You should have all site preparation done before coming to get concrete - it is best to dump the concrete immediately on arrival at the jobsite, especially in hot weather.

Our mixing hours, 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday – Saturday. (CONCRETE PLANT IS SEASONAL) Hours are shorter than regular business hours due to startup and cleanup requirements of the concrete plant.

We do not reserve trailers or accept advance payments for concrete - just call Due to high volume. We require trailers to be returned within three hours per batch. If you take concrete within 3 hours of closing, it may be acceptable to return trailer the next business morning - check with our staff.
Trailers must be cleaned, even between concrete loads. A minimum cleaning fee of $35.00 if trailer is not washed out properly, price can increase upon inspection of trailer. Dumping fees are extra if cement is returned to our location. (price will vary upon amount)

Consider using U-Rent-It Concrete for your next concrete job, if:
1.you need more than a few bags of sack concrete
2.You need less than 3 – 4 yards.
3.you don't have enough help to handle multiple yards at once
4.you have a problem getting a truck into your jobsite
5.large cement truck will crack your existing concrete

We've sold thousands of yards since 1975 one yard at a time. We KNOW this is a good product. Try it!
NOTE: The final strength of this product is dependent on several factors including cement content, type of reinforcement used (wire mesh, rebar), quality of site preparation (soil compaction, wetness, etc.), and skill in placing and finishing the concrete. In some cases, this product is simply not suitable since a large aggregate (stones) is not used in mixing. Because of the many variables that come into play, some of them outside our control, U – Rent It. Inc. cannot guarantee the suitability of this product to a task and will not be liable for consequential damages or lost labor or materials.

For a rough estimate of concrete needed for a given job at 4 inches thick, calculate the square footage - length x width in feet - and divide the result by 81 to get the amount in cubic yards. 
For example: slab 15' by 20' = 300 sq. ft. Divide by 81 = 3.71 yards.
 We would then recommend 'rounding up' to the next quarter-yard increment: in this case, 3¾ yards.

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