Concrete Broom
Grooved Bull Float 
Finish Trowel
Concrete Tools & Equipment Rental

2819 28th St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49509
 Finish trowel / Fresno  
     With Handle
Square smooth bull float
Groover With Handle
Lg. Rotary Hammer Drill
1/2"  Up To 2"
Medium Rotary Hammer Drill
1/4" UP TO 5/8"
Block Saw 
14" Diamond blade
Wet or Dry
  Floor Saw 14" / 18" 
Floor Grinder
Gas Cutoff Saw  
14" / 16"
Electric Jack Hammer 110V
Redi Mix Concrete Plant
Do It Yourself Concrete 1/4 Yard & Up
 Max Trailer Capcity 1 Yard
Air Hammer & Towable Compressor
Concrete & Mortar Mixers. 

    We carry the rental tools to make your project look like a pro.  Whether your job is small or large, we have the
equipment to help you. 
We have a Concrete Redi-Mix Plant, trailer rental included. 
We also rent concrete and mortar mixers, concrete saws, jack hammers, wheelbarrows, dump trailers, chipping hammers, air compressors, hammer drills, block saws, walk-behind floor saws, soil compactors, Floor grinders and much more...
                                        If you need it, we rent it.
Grinder was not used on this side.
1-2 Minutes later
Used for Block, Pavers, Brick