Concrete Broom
Grooved Bull Float 
Finish Trowel
Concrete Tools & Equipment Rental

2819 28th St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49509
 Finish trowel / Fresno  
     With Handle
Square smooth bull float
Groover With Handle
Lg. Rotary Hammer Drill
1/2"  Up To 2"
Medium Rotary Hammer Drill
1/4" UP TO 5/8"
Block / Paver Saw 
14" Diamond blade
  Floor Saw 14" / 18" 
Power Trowel 36" Combination Blades
Floor Grinder
Gas Cutoff Saw  
14" / 16"
Bobcat with Jack Hammer
Electric Jack Hammer 110V
Redi Mix Concrete Plant
Do It Yourself Concrete 1/4 Yard & Up
 Max Trailer Capcity 1 Yard
Air Hammer & Towable Compressor
Concrete & Mortar mixers. Gas / Electric

We carry the rental tools to make your project look like a pro. If you are mixing one bag to 50 yards of cement we have the equipment and tools to help you. From our on site redi mix plant to trowels and float to finish the job. We also carry concrete and motor mixers, in both styles electric and gas. Concrete saws , jack hammers, wheel barrows, dump trailers, air compressors, hammer drills, block saws, walk behind floor saws and more the list goes on. 
If you need we rent it.